That's the name of my folder where I keep the screenshots of the browser whenever I see that Google took more than half a second (0.5) to get the results. The screenshots are put here in the chronological order. Also, if you care, and are interested, the filename of the screenshots show the date and time when it was taken; the filename format is google.<year><month><day><hour><minute>.<100thOfASecond>.jpg

Enjoy the rare times when Google sucked at the performance :)

Update: If you wish to see these photos individually, here's the link to the album:

Sun buys MySQL....

Well, the news is pretty old now. Everyone has had his say on the deal: How its a great deal for both the parties involved, for the competitors, and even MySQL's competitors (read my employer, EnterpriseDB (though we cater to a different market share)).

But I came across this interesting take on the deal. How Oracle might have orchestrated this deal. The claims are unsubstantiated, a good read nonetheless:

They can now track what you are thinking

It has been a research subject for many years at many places... controlling objects/actions with just your thought.

This recent one demonstrates how they have managed to track a monkey's brain activity, while he was walking, to make a robot walk in the same manner (across the globe; as if that mattered!)

Interesting read.

IMified test blog

Just testing IMified to create blogs... Lets see how this turns up... Her we go..

Update: It wasn't all that fun... and it didn't feel very intuitive. You'd want to come back to your blog to review your post anyway! good tool though, if you need it, that is.

Mount USB drives in Write Protect (read only) mode

Under the the following key:


Create a new key called StorageDevicePolicies. In that key create a new DWORD value called WriteProtect and set it to 1.

This is known to work under Windows XP SP2, though you can try it on your other varioations of Windows.

Show difference between two Microsoft Word documents

So, you want to compare two versions of a doc (probably one circulated by you, and the other you received revised by somebody). Here's how to get it done:

1) Open the original document.
2) Go to menu 'Tools' > 'Compare and Merge Documents'
3) In the 'Open' dialog, point to the newer version of the document, and click open.
4) And you are done.

MS Word will show you the changes (like something new inserted, deleted, etc) with appropriate coloring.