Too many tabs

Just a post to show how I procrastinate :)

I have this habit of keeping too many tabs open in Firefox, just so that I can read them later.

This 51 is much less than 80+ tabs that I once had open in Firefox. I open mutiple windows too sometimes to keep a few tabs grouped.

I have "Tab Mix Plus"and QuickRestart add-ons installed for situations where I have to reastart Firefox when it starts eating too much memory.

"Too many tabs" is one of the reasons I have been unable to try out Chrome for some time. It is missing multiline tab-bar feature, and tabs headers become too small after about 15 or so open tabs.

I do like Chrome's approach with "too many tabs" situation though. It seems that it frees the memory related to display objects of a tab after some time it has remained inactive; this keeps overall memory consumption of Chrome lower at the cost of some time taken to display things when that tab is opened again.

Spider Solitaire: First deck stack in 13 moves

Screenshot of when I was able to finish one stack in Spider Solitaire in just 13 moves. The minimum no. of moves required is 12, but I thing 13 is quite close.