Just got an idea. We should have a utility that prepends a timestamp to every line that is fed to it. This can be used like the nl utility which numbers each line that is fed to it.

This utility can used to prepend timestamps to the log lines generated by a program. Like so:

my_log_generating_script | ts > log_file

[UPDATE:26 May 08] : I have posted a solution here: http://gurjeet-tech.blogspot.com/2008/05/ts-timestampimg-script.html

RNFs branched

Hi there,

It has been long-time-no-post thing with me. Well that was partially because I was a bit too busy with customer assignments, and partially because the blog became too bloated from my past experiments with template modifications, and playing with Google Search and Google Ads.

One good thing that happened as a result of those experiments with the blog template is that now my blog completely spans the browser's display area, rather than a thin vertical strip which looks too odd on wide screens, and is just a waste of screen space (btw, you can add stuff to the right hand side of your 'thin-strip' blog but not to the right hand side; too crippling I'd say).

Well, I don't remember how I made 'Blogger' display my blog in full width (remember short-of-RAM problem I mentioned in first post!), I'll try to figure it out and post here as well as apply that to my other blogs.

Now comes the news: I am writing this one to inform you that I have officially split my brain! Well, not exactly :) , but I have created another blog to post my structured thoughts on technology. It is hosted at: http://gurjeet-tech.blogspot.com/ , and it is called Tech-Me. More in that blog.

This RNFs blog will continue, but will be dedicated to truly RNFs, which are for my records only and which others may not be too inclined to read.

Hope to post more frequently here.

PS: Here's the definition of RNF:

RNF stands for Random Neuron Firing; that is activity in your head that is just random, and wasn't caused as a reaction to something else. I have too many of these, sometimes philosophical, sometimes technical.