Well, I am here too...

Well, finally, I have also joined the blogging frenzy... I didn't feel the need till a few minutes back; until I wanted an online space where I could log my thoughts and resources that I come across on the internet. I am basically a developer, who, more often than not, run into some issues with computers, configuration, and am bothered by some nitty-gritty issues, that others often take for granted or do not wish to share the solution with others. (It seems that I have a craving for such small issues). And I do not give-up easily on solving an issue either.

Yet another use of this blog-space would be to record my RNFs. I have very less RAM up in the head (or is it the swap/page file that is shorter or missing), so I keep forgetting names, things events and quite a lot more. I don't think I am bothered about forgetting those things much, but about forgetting the ideas that keep popping up in my head. So, I will be using this space to store my RNFs too.

Now that I have found use of this great tool, I expect to put to use as much as possible. I donno who else is going to read it, but as I said, it is not for others, but for me.

singh.gurjeet@{gmail | hotmail | yahoo}.com

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